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Lochinver is situated in the parish of Assynt on the west coast of Sutherland. There are three ways to approach Lochinver, from the north (A894) east (A837) and south (A835)

To get to Assynt by public transport there are 3 options, which will take you as far as Inverness (97 miles from Lochinver). These are by flying in to Inverness Airport (Dalcross) or by train or coach to Inverness. All three require a further bus journey either changing at Ullapool for Lochinver or by catching the bus in Inverness which collects the school children in Ullapool en route to Lochinver. The only drawback with this bus is that the children obviously take priority so once in Ullapool there is no guarantee you will be able to remain on the bus. This doesn’t happen often but it is a possibility. However, there is a follow-up bus which leaves Ullapool around 4.15pm from the pier.

Both buses terminate in Lochinver itself so if you need to get to your hotel, guest house or holiday home, or you want to camp either at Achmelvich or Clachtoll, ‘phone North West Wheels and I’ll be delighted to take you to your destination. There may be a slight delay as at present this service is only part time but there are plenty of cafes and two pubs in the Village where you can relax while you wait.

I really hope that by providing this new service it will make a big difference to everyone, either on holiday or living in Assynt and look forward to your support in the future.



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