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Assynt has a variety of fascinating places to visit during your stay, some will appeal to all, such as our beautiful beaches, mountains and accessible to all footpaths where you can wander beside lochs and take in the beautiful scenery, mountains all around you, deer grazing on almost every hilltop. The wildlife of Assynt is varied and easily accessible to all. The local Ranger Service which is operated by Highland Council organises regular, supervised walks during the summer months which offer  fantastic opportunities to explore this beautiful countryside and learn more about the area and its wildlife and history. A very popular walk takes you to the “Bone Caves” near Inchnadamph where you will discover drawings dating back to the Iron Age (700 BC - AD 500).The bones of wolves, bears, lynx and arctic foxes have been found in these caves where they took refuge when Scotland’s climate was much colder than it is now. Human artefacts and bones have  also been found. There are plenty of walks in Assynt, some easy, others more difficult but you can choose between woodland, open moorland, riverside paths or climbing one of Assynt’s mountains if you’re feeling energetic!

Historic Assynt

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